Bringing fitness to Kitami Japan

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Fitness is one of the fastest growing industries in America. One of the main causes for the fitness boom is because so many Americans were obese and the number one killer in the country was heart disease. This epidemic caused many Americans to get up off their bums and get their hearts pumping. Heart disease can easily be avoided if we can get our hearts to be more active. This is why there are so many health shops and local gyms being opened in the country. Which brings us to the next point…

Since America is slowly becoming a healthier country, I thought of bringing over some of that positive vibe over to Japan! I’ll be traveling to Kitami Japan later this year with one of the guys over at Sacfitnesstrainer, a health and fitness group with some of the best personal trainer in Sacramento, CA. There we will be offering free personal training at some of the local gyms just to get the juices flowing. Our goal for the duration there is to grow a small group of fitness leaders that can hopefully grow into something bigger. We eventually want to open up some kind of a fitness center where locals can learn how to become more healthy. With the right type of training compounded with proper nutrition, we are certain that we can make the world a better and healthier place starting in the beautiful city of Kitami.

My partner Andy has actually inspired me to do something different that could impact many lives. Andy actually started a local fitness group which you can read more about at Sacfitnesstrainer. Being a part of the group all we do is conduct ideas on how we can improve the health of as many people across the world as possible. Since I love to travel, the group and I at Sacfitnestrainer thought it would be cool to set up a group similar to ours in Japan.

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